Daya in sanskrit means

kindness & compassion


Daya Yoga Studio seed was planted in spring of 2005, in Ridgewood, Queens. A place existed that served as a space for practicing yoga as well as a community center for people living in the area from all over the world. Beginnings were quiet and very intimate.  Classes were small and simple. 

It was just few of us than. Consistency and the sense of community kept us close together.  The neighborhood started changing and everybody wanted to live in Bushwick and to be a part of Daya.  So we  had to get a bigger house, as the family was growing...

We now reside in Bushwick, Brooklyn. For the past 4 years we have made our name as “your second home.” When we first decided to open the space in Bushwick, our main mission was to be a place where one could feel safe, one could heal, make friends, find a mentor. Our mission is to continuously grow. To spread love and compassion. To take yoga and the practice outside of the  Yoga mat, yoga room, to the streets, out to the world. To build a community where people can grow, explore themselves, become more aware of the world around them and experience a healthier way of living, including a stronger link to the cycles and forces of nature, even while living in New York City.

Through the practice of Hatha and Kundalini Yoga (asana, pranayama) we introduce a way to find a balance and purify the body and mind to move to a state of higher awareness. Ayurveda; an ancient holistic approach to life, is a way to be healthy and happy. Our goal is to help people understand their own bodies and what they need. In a healthy body, a healthy soul lives.

For all the community;  Daya offers group meditation and various workshops and over 70 classes a week. We host Teacher Trainings, Master classes with teachers from all over the world. All to help people find their own path, their own journey, their inner Guru.

We also foster art, creativity, music,  and dance. As well as offering Retreats- local and international, trips to parks, hiking, capoeira, aerial yoga and much more. We embrace each other.              

 We support and live for community and compassion.

Drink the nectar of compassion from your own heart. Don’t look for compassion anywhere else, from anyone else. It is inside you. You are the owner of this great virtue
— Swami Chidvilasananda