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Friday Night High on Hridaya Hatha - Benefit for Integral Heart Family

With Luke Maguire Armstrong

Yoga, as it is given at Hridaya Yoga involves not only the physical body, but our whole being in practice.

Hridaya Yoga combines physical asanas with Advaita Vedanta, a non-dual look to Yoga.The Asanas are approached with a meditative attitude, as recommended in the traditional texts of Kashmir Shaivism. The practice is aimed at a more intimate understanding of the physical body and the essence of our being.

It is aimed to purify not only the physical and energetic body, but also to create a consciousness of the physical body and the more subtle bodies. An awareness of Awareness itself, whereby the practice becomes a meditation.

The class is suitable for both beginners and advanced students.

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Our Cause:
The Integral Heart Family is U.S. a 501c3 charity that is based in Antigua, Guatemala. It provides kids born into generational poverty with all they need to grow, succeed, and thrive.

The Integral Heart Family currently provides 83 children with all they need go to school. Students participate in after-school programming that includes psychology, history, English, international affairs, critical thinking, human rights, yoga, meditation, art, homework help, and more.

:: Bio of Facilitator ::

Luke Maguire Armstrong ( is the author of “All the Beloved Known Things." He has visited over 40 countries and worked across 3 continents in various development projects over the past decade. His development work led him to being featured on ABC News 20/20 and interviewed by Christiane Amanpour.

He has lived in Thai and Tibetan buddhist monasteries, and has studied yoga and meditation in Thailand, Cambodia, Australia, India, Nepal, Mexico, Guatemala, and The USA. His focus is classical hatha yoga, Dorje Tibetan Yoga, and vipassana meditation. He continues ongoing studies with indigenous populations and combines cacao ceremonies with trainings in Mayan cosmology. Sometimes his joy is the cause of his smile, other times his smile causes his joy.