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ania lesniak, owner


:: The Human Experience ::

Ania Lesniak is the founder of Daya Yoga Studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn where for  almost a decade she spreads her love and yoga teachings to the local and even world community. 

Born in small mountain village in Poland, where nature has taught her a way to live in peace and in tune with its cycles.

Traveling India and Brazil have introduced her to the spiritual way.
Ganges and the Himalayas, mountains and the forests, shamans and the elders are the parents of her philosophy.
Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga bring discipline and understanding to the alignment and the mechanical movement  to the physical body.  Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine and the Medicine of the Land in Poland  are the schools of taught.

Capoeira - Brazilian Martial art showed her how to be a warrior and how to grow strength not only in the muscle and bone but the one of the mind.

All that together she brings into her teachings as a healer and mentor. Movement, meditation in motion, Yoga therapy, prenatal, postnatal practice, pranayam, Reiki, the elements, sound healing and rituals that heal the boy, mind and soul. 

Ania provides you an opportunity to become the witness, to dive deep, and sit in the questions, so you can heal.

“ I believe in providing tools for people who are interested in finding purpose in their “ human experience “ on this planet in this body, into the situation they chose to be born into. I’m the mirror of your true potential, the voice to be heard from a perspective of a third person, the memory that has been forgotten. My goal is to provide an overall experience where one can enter a labor which will allow the unnecessary layers to be removed and the true self can be uncovered and received. “ Self realization “ is one of the main goals of yoga. So the dreams can become true, so the suffering can lead you to happiness, so the harmony of the senses, the elements can be found.

:: How to make your passion become your dream ::

Ania also mentors people who are interested in opening a Yoga Studio or have their dream becoming a yoga teacher of a mentor or just simply turning there passion into business.


Life Coaching :

Learning to Listen
Understanding the Vision
Goal setting, tools and steps to achieve it
Business plan
How to make your passion become your dream
Learning to Listen

:: Trough the body to the mind ::

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Carmina Rodriguez

Studio Manager

Carmina's yogic journey began as a way to bring stillness in the mind and connect deeply to her body. From the moment she was able to touch her toes for the first time, yoga has grown to be one of her deepest passions and continues to evolve with the ebb and flow of life. She believes that yoga has a magical healing power in which she wishes to share its abundant gifts with everyone around her. She completed her 200-hour teacher training at Daya Yoga Studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn, where she currently lives and teaches. Carmina's overall intention for her classes is to create a safe space for students to explore and find expansiveness in their bodies, hearts, and minds through movement, attention to breath, patience, and love that will in turn bring about a meaningful life, beginning on the mat and beyond.




I was introduced to Yoga in 2010 through the Ashtanga method in Israel. I fell in love with this interesting and challenging practice. Soon I realized that the practice was helping me deal with lower back issues as well as dealing with personal stress and anger management. When I moved to Los Angeles I discovered Vinyasa yoga and the Iynengar method and found a way to combine these two very different styles in to my personal practice. I moved to New York in 2016 and found the piece I didn't know was missing in my practice, Yin yoga. 

The Yoga practice had a huge positive impact on my life and inspired me to become a yoga teacher and share the love.

I received my RYT 200 in 2015 from YogaWorks in Santa Monica, CA and studied to be a Yin yoga teacher with Alana Kessler and Laura Kauffmann in Brooklyn. Ive been teaching in Los Angels, Israel and New York. I teach alignment based Vinyasa with elements inspired by the Iyengar and the Ashtanga methods.I also teach Restorative and Yin Yoga.

My emphasis is on providing a safe and personal experience to each practitioner. 


Jes Allen

Jes Allen grew up dancing, writing, creating art in all forms and rolling around in the sand to the sea. None of that has changed. She believes that through the body, radical care and profound listening we develop the clarity to be graced by the divine. Devoted to the inner magnet she allows life to lead her curiously and openly maintaining an illuminated connection to her human spirit.

Her classes are conceived through intention, intuition and self inquiry; sequences laced with mudras and pranayama and space designed to explore and express, using the body as a tool to stimulate consciousness. 

To practice is to create, to touch the source, to experience yourself, to know your home and to keep it clean. To know your breath is to know god. To practice is to pray.

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In my classes we practice facing opposition with calmness, to reclaim pleasure and happiness as normal states of being rather than distant goals, to transform the power of the will, to risk openness and connection, to release creative flow and expression, redefine possibility, to see truly, to transcend the self. 
I first came to yoga in 2007 when the demands of music school practice were starting to wear on my body and began a journey to master the original instruments of body, mind, and spirit as a foundation for the external musical instruments.
2013 found me moving to the Darjeeling district of West Bengal, India where I studied Indian language, music, and mystic traditions. 
Since 2014 I’ve been deepening my yoga practice and writing, performing, and teaching music in New York City.
 I hold a 200 hour Vinyasa Yoga teaching certification from Daya Yoga Studio in Brooklyn, NY.`

“People say that what we’re all seeking is a meaning for life. I don’t think that’s what we’re really seeking. I think that what we’re seeking is an experience of being alive” - Joseph Campbell


Katie Cercone

A yogi of over 20 years, Katie is a radical creative, scribe, priestess and spiritual gangsta hailing from the blessed coast. She received her 200-hour yoga and reiki certification in 2011 with Deborah Hanekamp @Mamamedicine and has led classes in studios, gardens, women’s shelters and arts venues throughout the US, UK and Asia. Her practice today fuses Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini and Shamanic styles of yoga; encompassing the sacred alchemy of asana, mantra and pranayama breath work. Katie’s transformational work lies under a sacred canopy of co-created ritual and magic to align with higher consciousness.  Katie is also co-leader of Go! Push Pops feminist collective and creative director of  ULTRACULTURAL OTHERS: Urban Mystery Skool. A known pioneer with her partner UNDAKOVA of Hip Hop Yoga, the two lead seasonal hip hop yoga retreats in the magical jungle of Thailand, turn up at high vibration sacred arts festivals worldwide and throw a monthly new moon wellness ritual called Dream Beat. Follow her on instagram @0r__nah


Lisette Cheresson

Lisette is a writer, storyteller, traveler, reader, and dirt-collector. She received her 200-hour Vinyasa certification from Daya in 2016, and her Reiki Level II attunement in Varanasi, India, in 2012. She spends her days as the Director of Content at Wanderlust.


kiersten cregger

The purpose of Yoga in the context of my life is always changing. In childhood, it was a way to bond with my mom; in college, it redefined my relationship with my body. Teacher training incited a spiritual revolution and set me on a path of lifelong discovery.

I teach from my personal practice which includes all 8 limbs outlined in the Patanjali Sutras infused with Buddhist mindfulness techniques. I have formally trained in Power Vinyasa and Yin Yoga and have a personal practice of Bikram and Iyengar Hatha and Yoga Nidra.

My intention is to give you something useful. Something that not only changes your yoga practice on the mat, but changes the way you experience your existence. We are all doing our best to make our way in this world.

"Like a procession you walk together towards your god-self. You are the way and the wayfarers. And when one of you falls down he falls for those behind him, a caution against the stumbling stone. And he falls for those ahead of him, who though faster and surer of foot, yet removed not the stumbling stone." - Kahlil Gibran

YA-200 Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra


Alyssa Easterly

Alyssa earned a Bachelor of Music in Music Theatre in Ohio and during her schooling she had always come back to yoga for grounding and extra nurturing for the mind and body in stressful times.

It was through graduating school and moving to NYC in 2014 that yoga become a daily practice. Taking classes at various NYC yoga studios and in  Brooklyn- at Daya Yoga Studio, her heart was ignited. The soulful and compassionate classes helped her come back to practicing yoga after a sprained wrist injury. In the Spring of 2016, she completed her 200 hour Vinyasa Teacher Training at Daya Yoga Studio, and shortly after she brought a harmonium into her life. A little happy harmonium baby!

She lives to share positivity, love, wellness, and music with others. She believes the intermix of great music, song, yoga asana, and mantra are the way to the heart. Alyssa leads monthly Kirtans at Daya Yoga Studio.

Her classes are infused with mantra singing, harmonium playing, and strong focus on alignment and breath, and gentle but invigorating flow.


Jayne Ebner

Jayne is ever curious about the human body and how breathe, movement and psychology inform our individual human experiences.  She leads a focused, deeply meditative and fluid practice, which offers students a chance to explore more expansive, aligned expressions of self. When she is not teaching yoga she is attending dance parties all over planet earth or cooking for her loves.


Holly Farkas

Holly has always been fascinated by movement and the human body. After training as a figure skater for 10 years and facing injury to both legs in 2014, her yoga practice transformed into a therapy for using breath and movement to work through chronic pain. In 2017 she wrote her senior thesis on women’s bodies, exploring how movement allows us to inhabit our physical selves and take agency over our bodies. She recently completely her 200 hour Vinyasa training at Daya and plans to use her knowledge as a stepping stone to teach and to pursue her certification in prenatal and postnatal yoga. Holly is passionate about birth and is continuously deepening her knowledge of the birthing industry & birthing practices in hopes of better serving people in all stages of their journeys from preconception through pregnancy and postpartum.


Zoob Fernandez

Zoob is a World Champion Bboy/Breakdancer, Performance Artist, Comedian, Painter, Model, Vegan, Healer, and Kunalini Yoga and Meditation Instructor. Zoob received his certification in 2013 from the Kundalini Research Institute, teaching primarily at Golden Bridge NYC. Originially from Miami, FL, Zoob brings fire, exuberance, and vitality to his classes, to challenge the body, quiet the mind, and experience the vastness of the spirit.

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Hazel King

Hazel is a poet, writer & performer. Yoga found its way into her life at a young age, and her love for asana practice deepened when she began to connect it to her creative practices—as a teenager, she took a summer theater intensive that began every morning with an hour of Vinyasa. It completely changed the way that she related to her body, and ever since then, she has been passionate about integrating body and creativity. In summer 2017, she decided to go deeper, receiving her 200-hr teacher training at Daya. She is so grateful for the Daya community and all of the ways it has allowed her to explore and expand. She now teaches Vinyasa & Yin yoga, as well as workshops integrating movement & creative writing. 


William Klein

Yoga is the foundation upon which I’ve built the current house I live in. It’s taught me a love and fascination for the inner workings of the body, mind, and more subtle forces at play, which influence the way I teach. I completed my 200-hour training at the Kripalu Center in 2011, and have gone on to teach in offices, schools, parties, and privately. Teaching and working with others brings me great joy—it’s made me a better student! I’ll soon be reentering school to study physical therapy, which will give me an intimate knowledge of how the human body works and heals to better serve myself and my students.


Isaac Krauss

  Isaac grew up in Nyack, NY, where he was exposed to a holistic lifestyle early on. He teaches classes all around Brooklyn and elsewhere throughout the year. He enjoys teaching any style, but his particular interests and focus are in Power/Ashtanga, Dynamic Vinyasa, Yin, and Traditional Hot Yoga. He finds significance in incorporating various forms and theories of Movement, while making a priority of strong and safe Alignment.
     He discovered the positive, profound impact Yoga had on him from first time he stepped on a mat years ago. He discovered with consistent practice, Yoga laid a positive and strong foundation that can change the rest of one's life. He has found the practice to be holistically medicinal and therapeutic. His practice has been liberating, while enabling him to develop a strong sense of discipline. It continues to open him to the world, and expand his ability to harness and utilize spiritual, physical and mental strength and fortitude. The practice of Yoga simultaneously improves one from the outside in and the inside out, and leads to a more general equanimity. And, it's a lot of fun! It has led him to finding Truth, Acceptance and Bliss in the Infinite.  
     Isaac completed his 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training at Pranavah Yoga (RYS), his 300 HR YTT with Science of Self YTT and Yoga to the People (RYS), and his 18 HR Yin YTT with Corina Benner at the Integral Yoga Institute (RYS). He is inspired and humbled to share this awesome, ancient union between breath and movement with others. He received his Reiki Attunement with Reiki Master Lisa Levine at Maha Rose, in Brooklyn, NY and his Intuitive Thai Therapy Certifications with Sarah Seely at Maha Rose. He studies Acupressure with his mentor Rose Erin Vaughan. He is incredibly grateful and honored to share these healing modalities and enhance connection and awareness through them.

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Karrie Larsson

Karrie has loved discovering through yoga the dynamic power of moving and breathing consciously, and is very thankful for the community of people and places this practice has brought her into contact with. Incorporating her knowledge and experience with different kinds of practices such as hatha, ashtanga and Buddhist meditation, her classes aim to promote strength and gradual opening in the body, as well as space for quiet self-observance. She completed her 200-hour teacher training at Daya Yoga Studio and is attuned to Reiki Level I. 



Rob began doing yoga in college to help find balance amidst the rigor of university life.  He immediately fell in love with the mental and physical benefits of yoga, and ever since his first class, has been on a mission to deepen his practice and gain a better understanding of self.  Rob views yoga as a way of life, and not simply as a physical practice.  Through yoga and meditation, Rob seeks to cultivate greater awareness, love, and compassion.  Yoga continues to guide Rob through a process of self-reflection and self-transformation, and Rob believes yoga can be a powerful tool for self-empowerment and self-realization.  Rob believes in the power of yoga to liberate ourselves from the endless chatter of the mind, so that we may live freely, authentically, and peacefully.  

Rob recently completed his 200-HR Vinyasa Teacher Training at Daya in 2018.  His personal practice is inspired by the Hatha, Vinyasa, and Kundalini traditions.  He continues to draw inspiration from many of his fellow Daya teachers, and has devoted himself to being a student and teacher of yoga.  Rob's classes focus extensively on alignment, breathwork, and intention to allow each student to gain greater awareness and mastery of self.  He seeks to create a healing space for his students where they can explore the depths of body and mind through asana, pranayama, and meditation.  Rob's intention is to serve as a guide for his students so they may experience peace, balance, and harmony on and off the mat.  


Daniel Mullaney

A one-time competitive triathlete, Daniel came to yoga to find some balance in a triathlete's demanding training schedule -- and that yoga practice soon became his life's work.

Diving head-first into teaching, he has since continued to seek out the many paths that yoga and other movement disciplines have to offer.

Daniel believes all yoga can be good yoga. He finds inspiration in the many traditions that have stemmed from BKS Iyengar, Pattabhi Jois, and Bishnu Ghosh.

Through rigorous practice and extensive studio and workshop experience, Daniel brings to each session a will to explore the potential of mind, body and spirit, with a passion to help others find their own purpose and peace in active, mindful movement.

His classes are well-rounded and alignment oriented, with heavy influence from ashtanga and rocket traditions. You can expect to stretch, strengthen and soar as you take flight through his dynamic classes.

Estrella Munoz 2.jpeg

Estrella Munoz

Estrella is a native New Yorker born and raised in Greenpoint Brooklyn to a Colombian family which includes 6 amazing sisters whom have been some of her greatest teachers. Her approach to yoga is to begin a real simple and honest conversation with the self, to inquire, observe and accept without judgement. Not so much noise, not so much static, just to begin and allow it to evolve.

She began that conversation with herself very early on as a child through meditation and the spiritual beliefs shared through her family's culture and history. It was through her practice in vipassana meditation that  helped her to see the benefits of tuning body and mind. As a student of yoga for many years, Estrella became certified as a yoga instructor in 2009 under the teachings of Wendy gross pinto of the Yoga and Healing center to further help and facilitate self discovery and exploration in others. Estrella leads a dynamic flow influenced by her roots in Ashtanga and is reiki attuned. She continues to study somatic work, breathe work and energy healing. 

A creative artist and mother, Estrella sees rebirth in every opportunity and plays in the balance of where the spiritual path meets the physical, present day.


Romany Pope

Romany (Bani Shiva) has been a part of the Daya family for two years, leading Cacao ceremonies and sharing her intuitive herbal & healing practice at the Psychic Fairs. She is completing her KRI-certified Kundalini teacher training at the Ra Ma Institute in New York, and has begun teaching in Brooklyn. Romany's warm, open nature and heartfull enthusiasm for the powerful technology of Kundalini Yoga makes it accessible for both seasoned kundalini yogis and beginners alike. Get a feel for both the exact science & vibrant soul of Kundalini Yoga in her classes and leave feeling energized & revitalized!

Sasha Sigel.JPG

Sasha Sigel

Sasha is a yoga teacher, actor and activist. Her classes focus on choice making, body awareness and mindfulness. Sasha hopes to create an inclusive and welcoming environment in the studio. She trained at Daya for her 200 RYT and has training in Trauma Sensitive Yoga. 



Susannah Simpson

Susannah’s practice is strongly informed by her background in dance and experimental movement, as well as years of practice in hatha and vinyasa yoga, and a love of guided meditation. Through movement, both based on asana and creative improvisation, as well as pranayama (manifesting stillness, bliss, and openness by way of breathwork), and meditation she strives to guide yogis in clearing out the gunk that builds up in our minds, hearts, and bodies during the hubbub of daily life, shaking off the oppressive binds of past trauma, societal shame, and negative experiences that we have internalized, and freeing ourselves in order to give and receive love openly and freely.

Her goal is to establish a safe, sweet, and challenging container that encourages people to open up and realize the infinitely expansive, immaculately intelligent threshold of love, power and peace that is planted in each being and connects us to each other and our environment, so that we can step into our highest selves and bring dreams into action, and cultivate the ability to offer mindfulness, compassion and careful nurturing to the earth, each other, and ourselves.

Susannah completed her 200-hour teacher training at the Sivananda Ashram on Paradise Island in 2012, where she was given room to feel the support of the earth beneath her and understand herself within it. In addition to teaching yoga, she is a performance artist and poet, and leads various dance/movement workshops and Women’s circles. She is psyched it co-create with you! <3

Kevin T.jpg

Kevin Tobar

I am a lover of life and seeker of wisdom. That search started in the body through movement and quickly began to include the philosophical and spiritual. As a teenager I practiced and performed Martial Arts and studied Buddhism at the Shaolin Temple. After an injury, I turned to yoga as a healing aid and fell in love with the physical practice. In 2010 I lived in India for a year and began studying various schools of Vedanta. The experiences I had there launched a life-long passion for Vedic knowledge. After a lot of traveling I came back to New York in 2015 and was introduced to the path of Bhakti Yoga, which completely changed my life and the way I teach. 

My intention is to make the Vedic teachings and Bhakti philosophy available to everyone. I endeavor to make this sacred ancient wisdom applicable to our everyday life. I teach to the body and spirit and create space for deep revelation. I lead monthly Kirtans at Daya and all over New York. Being fully engaged in the practice of mantra and chanting I often bring this element of yoga to my teachings. My hope is to bring light to the shadows of our existence. To remove the veils of ignorance and illusion so that we may connect to the soul. To create space and freedom in the heart so that we may move away from the things that hold us back, and embrace all that uplifts and connects us.

 Hari Om Tat Sat


Kenny (Kiret Singh) Sperry

Kenny "Kiret Singh" Sperry is a certified KRI Kundalini instructor and graduate of Kundalini Yoga East in Manhattan, NY. From early childhood his life long passion with the concept of spirit and the quest for the meaning of life has lead him through gnostic occult mysticism, shamanic traditions and eventually into the Raj yogic system of Kundalini Yoga. His passion for the unknown translates well into his classes as he infectiously shares the experience of the divine self through daily sadhana, diet, and meditation.

As a traditionalist his aim is to keep the teachings of kundalini yoga as pure as they where from the original transmission for the purpose of aiding humanity in the next evolutionary leap in consciousness. “May our light guide us through the darkness of the unknown into our shared collective destiny of cosmic planetary awakening." - Sat Nam

Carlos Vasquez.jpg

Carlos Vazquez

Devotion fortified practice. Steady mind, Right Alignment, Right Intention, Diligent, Strong and sweet practice produce an Unshakable practice of yoga, outside and inside of the yoga studio.Those are some of the principles in the practice and teaching of Carlos Vazquez.

Multimedia artist lives and works in New York City.


Linnea Vedder

Linnea is a guide and teacher of yoga, meditation, and song. She has been leading private ceremonies for most of her life, having learned the art of Wicca from her mother at a young age. Her love of the earth and the spirits of the earth has lead her to focus on healing women through leading women’s moon ritual groups. Linnea is one of the co-creators of Moon Church, a brooklyn based women’s spirituality group. As a healer and mover, Linnea was drawn to Yoga as a teenager. Her long personal yogic path lead her to teaching and healing large
groups through movement and yoga classes. She teaches group classes at Daya Yoga and Dou Yoga, both in Brooklyn, and teaches Corporate classes at Eileen Fisher, as well as private classes around NYC area. She studied yoga at Kripalu Center in the Berkshires in 2010, under the guidance of Priti Robyn Ross, with whom she still studies. Linnea is currently studying with Lorin Roche and practicing with the ancient and vibrational text that he translated, called The Radiance Sutras, also know as the Bhirava Tantra. With Roche she is studying to become a private meditation teacher. She has a publication of a book of illustrations that is a collaborative effort with her mother, who wrote the text, and focuses on Oracle techniques for the modern witch.