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Yoga Retreat in Tuscany

  • Daya Yoga Studio Monte San Savino Arezzo Italy (map)

Dive with us in the heart of Tuscany for the truly grounding Olive Harvest ritual. November is the month where “green gold” comes to life, rural communities gather in the fields to hand pick the olives with ladders and nets. This is where the anecdotes are shared, where old and young reunite and stories are passed on to keep Tuscany’s millenary harvesting tradition thriving through the years. 

Join us to experience this process first hand, meet the locals, learn from them and feel how the rhythm of nature intersects with italian lifestyle and daily life. Through each step of the olive harvest you will learn all about the secrets of making the finest Extra Virgin Olive Oil, you will see how connected man and nature need to be in order to get the best product. 

In-between nature walks, chestnut roasting by the fire and chatting at tree height with the old town’s people you will experience how this deeply grounding and empowering connection to nature reflects on your mind and body.

Enjoy wonderful Tuscan Autumn in our beautiful farm house set on a scenic hill and immersed in olive and oak trees. Taste the tingle of just pressed olive oil, practice yoga with Ania founder of Daya Yoga Studio, teacher since almost a decade, working with Yoga and Ayurveda. Ground your root chakra among our century old Oak trees and indulge in seasonal home cooked vegetarian meals made with produce from our own organic fruit and vegetable garden.

Special launch prices only for this Year!
$ 750 early bird (until Oct 1st) 
$ 1000 (from Oct 2nd to Nov 2nd)
Travel not included.

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Whats offered:

1-Daily Hatha Yoga and Meditation with Ania

2-Movement - Body Impulse & Spinal Awareness workshop with Sam:
This encounter will be dedicated to the spinal cord with an aim to reinvigorate the body-mind dialogue of the participant. 
The work is based in psycho-physical exercises which bring a greater proprioceptive awareness and establishes a stronger bio-dynamic communication between the systems of the body.
Particular focus will be given to:
- Rediscovery of balance through inversions
- Flexibility of the spine
- Postural innovation through imagery
- ‘Mapping’ of the articulations

This masterclass is perfect for dancers, athletes, yoga practitioners and anybody who is interested in the development of their body. The final scope is to stimulate the neurological activity of one of the principle centers of the nervous system: the spine.

3- Olive Picking with nets and laddres, pressing at our on-site pressing plant and fresh Extra Virgin Olive oil tasting with bruschetta, white beans with sage and rosmary + organic local wine!

4-Massage sessions (Optional)

5-Afternoon in breath taking Saturnia thermal baths: click here for photos

6-Hiking the hills of Tuscany listening to the stories and anecdotes of the land.


8 am - Wake up and Reconnect - Morning yoga and meditation

9:30 am - Breakfast

10:30am - 12:30 pm - Olive Harvesting, Massages, Nature Walk, Organic Garden Visits, Free time

1:00 pm - Organic Vegetarian Lunch!

2:00 pm - 3 pm - Siesta! (...or as we say in Tuscany "pisolino")

3pm - 7pm - Afternoon alternating activities: - Workshops, Thermal Baths, Restorative Yoga

8pm - Organic Vegetarian Dinner!

9pm - Chat, share, read, sleep.