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Embodied Cacao Ceremony

Embodied Cacao Ceremony
Hosted by Romany & Florencia
Sunday 5/28 7:30-9:30pm
$30 preregister / $35 drop in

Join Romany and Florencia in ceremony with the healing medicine of Cacao and connect with the 2nd Sacral and 4th Heart Chakras, to explore ideas of desire, fluidity and connection.
Inviting the deeply nurturing and playful energy of Cacao, we will dance our dreams and embody the desires of our heart. Working with the cycles, we will welcome the winds of change and navigate the journey into new parts of ourselves with grace and fluidity, allowing ourselves to find the pleasure in everything we do! The ceremony will finish with a sweet Savasana and sound healing.

About Cacao Ceremony ::

Known as the Food of the God(dess)s, the indigenous communities of Central America would use this medicinal plant in rituals to connect to a deeper sense of self and their community. Brewed strong, bitter and slightly spicy, the beverage was drunk around the fire while discussing astrology, philosophy and other local issues, which were aided by Cacao’s heart opening + mind focusing properties.

We work with a nutritionally and energetically high-grade Ecuadorian Cacao, rich in alchemical compounds. We strongly recommend that you do not eat 2 hours before the ceremony to allow the cacao goddess have her full effect!

▽ Open to everyone (limited space so please register in advance!)

▽ Wear something comfortable to move and sit in

▽ You can bring something meaningful to you to be placed at the altar (optional)

Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to get settled in the space ~ we'll start promptly at 7.30PM.

Held by Florencia and Romany :: Cacao devotees, yogis + herbalism practitioners, both passionate about the healing powers of plant medicine, ritual and self-empowerment.

Cacao is a gift and we are so honored to share her loving essence with you!