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Following Messages in Your Body - an Intro to Process Work

  • Daya Yoga Studio 360 Jefferson Street Brooklyn, NY, 11237 United States (map)

Hosted by Lolo Haha
Friday 6/23 3:30-5pm
$20 preregistration / $25 day of the event

Would you like to learn ways to understand the subtle messages of the body when working with individuals, couples, and groups? Are you seeking ways to integrate somatics, alternative psychology, spiritual practice, and social change into your work?
Join us as we explore Process Work — a depth psychology theory and set of techniques developed by Arnold Mindell associated with transpersonal, somatic, and post-Jungian psychologies. In this 3-hour workshop, we’ll explore some of the foundational practices and beliefs of Process Work and consider how they might be useful in the work you do. Through experiential exercises, we’ll learn a variety of awareness methods, techniques, and analysis tools for work with individuals, couples, and groups in a variety of contexts.

Some tools we'll explore:
- an analysis of the different levels of reality and knowing on which to focus in each moment with a client
- identifying the channels of experience and how to use them to unfold a body symptom, dream, or disturbing energy
- other tools and topics as relevant to the group

More about Process Work:
“Process work trains facilitators and counselors to work with the deepest experiences that arise not only in our bodies, emotions, and psychology, but also in our communities, earth, and world.” - from the Process Work Institute

Process Work is an awareness training for facilitators of individuals, couples, groups, and the world. It combines a diversity of approaches and systems (Jungian psychology, somatic bodywork, Taoist philosophy, intuitive sensing, conflict resolution, social change, and more) into a single paradigm for working with both inner and outer phenomena. Expanding on Carl Jung’s view that all events are meaningful, Process Work views all disturbances in one’s life (body symptoms, disturbing people, seemingly random accidents, illnesses, strong moods, inner criticism, etc.) as significant parts which hold the capacity to help us become more whole; Process Work offers approaches to unfold these disturbances to discover the deeper meaning underneath them. While offering tools and methods for working with others, Process Work also offers significant inner work methods for facilitators, most notably how to understand and use one’s own inner experiences when working with clients. A robust paradigm, Process Work offers tools for facilitators to grow in their work as well as a set of beliefs and inner work practices to accompany facilitators on the journey of self-knowledge through the subtle and mysterious flow of the Tao.

Lolo Haha believes that bringing greater emotional vulnerability into the public sphere is one of the keys to the next phase of human evolution. He has spent the last several years as a facilitator of race and gender dialogues, as a community organizer in housing justice movements, as well as a mediator in both small claims and family courts. His current work focuses on emotional literacy development for ‘oppressor groups’ – specifically white people and men – as a means of deepening the collective capacity for cross-race and cross-gender healing work. He recently received a Master of Arts in Process-oriented Facilitation and Conflict Studies from the Process Work Institute in Portland, Oregon, where he currently resides.