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Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Level 1 Certification

Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Level 1 Certification

Empower your self discovery with the healing art of Reiki energy as you learn how to support your own healing journey and connect with your intuition.

Level 1 of Reiki training focuses on supporting the self with energy healing by providing a comprehensive foundation to understand how to sense energy and listen to intuition. Over this 3-day training, students will gain an understanding of Reiki energy and how it can support healing of the body, mind, and emotions for themselves and others. We will share in the support of a spiritual community focused on encouraging self-discovery, transformation and whole-person healing, while practicing intuitive listening and gaining hands-on experience both giving and receiving Reiki. Traditional Japanese Reiki techniques combine with western practices of Reiki to cover the full spectrum of Reiki energy healing. The courses also draws on meditation and practices from other healing modalities to help students clear their analytical mind and connect with sensation to bring clarity to intuition. Emphasis is placed on self Reiki treatments to practice self-care and solidify an understanding of how you can support your own healing. Practice offering Reiki treatments to other students in class will be provided, but will be given more attention in Level 2. The following subjects are covered and included in 2 manuals:

The origin and history of both Usui and Holy Fire Reiki
What makes Holy Fire Reiki different from other forms of Reiki
The nature of Reiki energy, why people get sick, and how Reiki heals
Initiation placement for Level 1
The Reiki Ideals
The energy body and major/minor chakra system
Traditional hand placements for giving sessions
Reiji-ho: Using inner guidance and intuition to know where and how to treat
Kenyoku: Dry bathing as a method to purify your energy field
Byosen Scanning: Using the sensitivity of the hands to locate areas in need of healing
Smudging techniques to cleanse and clear energy
Invocations and visualizations for protecting your energy
Multiple muscle testing techniques to communicate with the intelligence of the body and listen to intuition
Practice giving a self-treatment and a treatment on someone else

After completion of Level 1, you will be equipped with the basic tools to jumpstart your self-healing, understand your intuition, and offer the gift of healing to others in support of the physical body, emotions, mentality, and spirit.

Friday, July 21st from 6-9pm*
Saturday, July 22nd from 2-8pm*
Sunday, July 23rd from 2-6pm
*a meal break will be provided

Discount of $50 if you register before June 16th
payment plans available

Enroll by emailing or at

Earlier Event: July 15
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