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Cacao Flow Workshop with Florencia

“Combining indigenous traditions with modern connection, sharing time and space to dive a little deeper. Romanticizing with the elements of nature to find the rhythm of our true self. Gathering around the essence of cacao to play with the senses, open our hearts, and explore ourselves in a profound way.”
Cacao⚫️Panayama⚫️Vinyasa flow⚫️Free movement⚫️Sound Bath
Join the celebration of the love medicine through a ceremonial yoga experience combining ancient traditions in a contemporary way. The love medicine is known as Cacao, chocolate in its most pure form. Creating a safe container to share the multidimensional layers of our being in a collective adventure. You will learn the physical benefits of Cacao, the Mayas ways of exploring the medicine, and tap into a sound bath that will take you through the portal of the heart. Once our hearts are wide open, we will play with movement and breath through a vinyasa flow. Finding the comfort in the expansion of the soul manifested through the body.
Cacao has been consumed by Maya communities and other indigenous civilizations as one of the most sacred foods for thousands of years. Known as “Food of the Gods”, this heart-opening, mind-focusing beverage would connect the community together while bringing a deeper sense of being.
Florencia is a natural-born healer and self-empowerment artist working with heart opening therapies involving holistic nutrition, Ceremonial Grade Cacao, yoga, sound healing, and breath as the instruments for transformation, creating a safe vessel for self exploration.
Her Ceremonies always begin by connecting with the circle involved in a playful way before going into the journey of the self. What follows is the gratitude and acknowledgement of the elements as they are an extension of ourselves. The rest is left to the purpose for the celebration but always always be prepared to tune into a meditation of sound. Regardless of the celebration, the reconnection to the circle involved is always present. Creating a sense of family and community.
Her curiosity to learn more about her Mapuche roots and connection to the land brought her to the exploration of the sacred.
She facilitates ceremonies in different cities within the US, and is beginning to travel abroad to share her passion. Although her family is Mapuche, Florencia has found a strong calling to the Maya traditions and has felt a deep connection to The land of Guatemala, where she feels most at home.
Her mission is to expand the hearts and minds of those who are ready to wake up. Bringing consciousness to the importance of honoring the indigenous traditions and the indigenous communities living these traditions.

Early Bird: $20
Day of: $25


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