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Daya Spring Retreat

  • Rainbow Lodge Retreat (map)

Dance of the Elements and Spring Detox at Rainbow Lodge Retreat NY

Let us take you on a journey to the magical forest where we can peel of all the layers and become more ourselves. Together, through movement, yoga, dance, meditation and nurturing foods. Nature, energy, sacred song, fire and ritual.

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:: The Human Experience ::
Ania Lesniak is the founder of Daya yoga Studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn where for almost a decade she spreads her love and yoga teachings to the local and even world community. 

Born in small mountain village in Poland, where the nature have taught her a way to live in peace and in tune with its cycles.

Traveling India and Brazil have introduced her to the spiritual way. 
Ganges and the Himalayas, mountains and the forests, shamans and the elders are the parents of her philosophy.
Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga bring discipline and understanding to the alignment and the mechanical movement to the physical body. Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine and the Medicine of the Land in Poland are the schools of taught.

Capoeira - Brazilian Martial art shoved her how to be a warrior and how to grow strength not only in the muscle and bone but the one of the mind.

All that together she brings into her teachings as a healer and mentor. Movement, meditation in motion, Yoga therapy, prenatal, postnatal practice, pranayam, Reiki, the elements, sound healing and rituals that heal the boy, mind and soul. 

Ania provides you an opportunity to become the witness, to dive deep and sit in the questions, so you can heal. 

“ I believe in providing tools for people who are interested in finding purpose in their “ human experience “ on this planet in this body, into the situation they chose to be born into. I’m the mirror of your true potential, the voice to be heard from a perspective of a third person, the memory that has been forgotten. My goal is to provide an overall experience where one can enter a labor which will allow the unnecessary layers to be removed and the true self can be uncovered and recived. “ Self realization “ is one of the main goals of yoga. So the dreams can become true, so the suffering can lead you to happiness, so the harmony of the senses, the elements can be found.

::Sarah Ridgeway::
Sarah feels honored to help people attain their personal health goals through a variety of means. In all aspects of life, she intends to express and promote an integral, balanced approach to wellness and inner peace. She holds a BA in trained with the Yoga Center Minneapolis for her 230 hour certificate and completed an additional 22 hour Yin Yoga training with Michelle Pietrzak-Wegner. Sarah is attuned to level II Reiki, which has furthered her energetic intuition.
As a certified health coach, Sarah works ongoing with clients on lifestyle management. She teaches plant-based cooking classes, puts on pop-up dinners & co-founded a project making superfood chocolate. Sarah believes that we can find empowerment through our sustenance and she is passionate about sharing nourishing, vibrant meals. 

::Aeron Ridgeway::
Aeron is a designer and Reiki master. He has been practicing Reiki at the Master Level since 2010.
Aeron has a BA in Art & Semiotics and went on to choreograph numerous performance art pieces on the subjects of birth & death.

::Carmina Rodriguez::
Carmina’s yogic journey began as a way to quiet the mind and gain flexibility in her body. From the moment she was able to touch her toes for the first time in her life, yoga has grown to be one of her deepest passions and continues to evolve with the ebb and flow of life. She believes that yoga has a magical healing power in which she wishes to share its abundant gifts with everyone around her. In Spring 2016, she completed her 200-hour teacher training at Daya Yoga Studio and is infinitely grateful for her amazing teachers and beautiful community. Carmina's overall intention for her classes is to create a safe space for students to reconnect to their bodies, hearts, and minds through movement, breath work, patience, and love that will in turn bring about a meaningful life, beginning on the mat and beyond.




Camping- Before May 10th $200
Camping- After May 10th $250

Earlier Event: May 31
Hatha Wave Yoga