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Spiritual Warrior

In this spiritual warrior series we will begin to dive deeper into our being as we start to take our practice to the next level. 

Becoming a saint, soldier, and a success in the Aquarian Age.

As we find ourselves in the midst of a transition from the age of Pisces into the new energies of Aquarius, we are witnessing an entirely new paradigm of reality and a transformation beginning to take place on a global scale. Both externally and internally.

We will be covering what this energy entails, what to expect, and how we can best utilize it to further our inner development so that we can maximize our ability to gain health, wealth, and success in all areas and facets of our

Consider this a cheat sheet to the matrix, Hope to see you there! Sat Naam

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Early Bird- $25
Day of- $30


Kenny Speery / Kiret Singh is a KRI certified Kundalini Instructor and has been a practitioner for the past 7 years.
In 2011 I began studying under the tutelage of the Sat Jivans of NYC, eventually graduating from their studio Kundalini Yoga East in 2014. I haven't stopped once to look back. Since my early childhood I've had a innate "knowing" that there are deeper layers to reality then what we where being told. This urge to know lead me down the rabbit hole into humanities ancient past, Hermetic Wisdom, quantum physics, geopolitics and it wasn't until I came across this God Send of a technology, Kundalini Yoga, that I finally got the experience of what I was only reading about before. An experience of deeper layers within myself, Ek Ong Kar, where creator and creation are one. This lit a flame inside of me and my aim is to use that fire to light the wic that is already inside of you. It is my hopes and dreams that you stay woke and stay lit.

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