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Advanced Galacticating Yoga Nidra with Extended Double Gong Cosmic Journey

  • Daya Yoga Studio 360 Jefferson Street Brooklyn, NY 11237 (map)

Join SIRENS OF SOUND, Joanna & Nitya, on an interdimensional journey through the subconscious for a transcendental experience of your inner cosmos. Their advanced Yoga Nidra mixes the expertise of the classically certified facilitator with the expansive yet grounding and healing vibrational outreach of the gongs.

Allow yourself to safely float between the waking and dreaming states in an energetic space specifically curated to support your cosmic interstellar journey. You’ll be secure to release into the infinite where you can trust the ancient wisdom of the gongs to lead the way.

SIRENS OF SOUND’s unique technique offers an unparalleled relaxation and release with increased focal awareness, ultimately maximizing the effectiveness of the Yoga Nidra, leaving participants in a flowing blissful state.

It is the pleasure of SIRENS OF SOUND to take you into the deepest states of being to refocus, refresh, and recharge!

::Exchange $25::


Nitya & Joanna are Tantric Arts Practitioners, utilizing the Ancient Yogic teachings and bringing them to us with a modern vibration.
Nitya is a Reiki Grandmaster, Practitioner of Quantum Energy Healing, Bio Energy, Kundalini, Hatha Yoga, Pranayama, Sound Healing and Natural Healing modalities. She is also a chef and believes food is medicine. She has dedicated her life to Natural Healing and Tantric Arts. She continues to travel the world seeking and sharing knowledge and experience.
Joanna is a Reiki Practitioner, Sound Healer, Voice Dialogue Facilitator, and Master Being Craftsman. A Musician, Drummer, and Vocalist, Joanna believes in the power of sound and vibration and its potential to heal. She is a student of yoga and commits herself to the study of Tantra and its practical application in the modern world.