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Imaginary Body

We are taught that the imagination is a special gift from above that some of us have and some of us don’t. In truth, the imagination is free for everyone, and belongs to no one. It is a muscle group we can choose to develop. An environment we can choose to explore. A relationship we can choose to deepen.

In yoga class, we are constantly asked to use our imagination. Ground down through your feet. Send your heart forward. Create a straight line of energy from this foot to that hand. How do we do these things? We do them by going beyond Imagination As Secret Movie Theater Inside My Head. We come into imagination as an embodied experience. And, when our imagination wakes up, our body wakes up.

***Please wear clothes you are comfortable doing strange movements in! And a notebook if you like writing stuff down!***



Gabriel Rodriguez is a theater maker, storyteller, teacher, performance artist, story midwife, and witch. They call in new old stories to wake humans up and help us choose to heal ourselves and our world. Their work is centered in collaborative theater, in both ensemble and solo forms. As a yoga-teacher-who-is-also-a-storyteller, Gabriel sees in yoga the potential to help people fully, freely, and rootedly tell the embodied story their heart yearns to tell. You may learn about these these things Gabriel does, and subscribe to Gabriel’s newsletter GabRodLog, at