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Entrain in the Membrane

  • Daya Yoga Studio 360 Jefferson Street Brooklyn, NY 11237 (map)

Entrain in the Membrane

The power of Vibrational Sound Therapy combined with Universal Healing Energy?

'Nough said!

Well, a bit more:
Hands-on Sound and Reiki experience!

Healer Mei Leung and Shunny Willamovius will aid to entrain your brain, reset your energy field and restore depleted energy using a variety of overtone instruments including Tibetan Singing Bowls, Tuning Forks, Chimes and very much the Gong.


Just relax!

Possible side effects:

- spontaneous states of Bliss
- seeing beautiful colors and/or otherworldly symbols and visions
- OoB Experiences and/or Womb recreation
- a sense of Peace and Serenity
- a possible arising of Trauma or Karma so it can be worked with and dissolved
- an overall feeling of Connectedness and Love!

How to prepare:

Anything that makes you comfortable.
Especially comfortable clothes, maybe bring an eye-mask or shawl if you like. Pillows, snuggy-blankets, your favorite friend... Anything goes!
Highly encouraged to bring items you'd like to charge during the Sound Bath and a Journal is never a bad idea... But up to you!
Eat light and no caffeine at least 2 hours prior is recommended... Seriously!
Please arrive 10 mins early. Pwease!

Stuff that might matter to you:

Shunny Willamovius

Being a Quantum Physics Enthusiast, Shunny finally received her life-changing "proof" of those studies and the things she believed in, by attending a Reiki Session in 2013. Two months later she was at her first attunement ceremony to become a Reiki practitioner, knowing she found her purpose.
Delving into the field she is now a NY-based Reiki Master, Sound & Energy Healer a.k.a. Space Neutralizer, Kundalini Goddess, Happiness Coach, and conscious event & living-space Creator.
She loves nothing more than to follow her Happiness Breadcrumb Trail, see what life has to offer in the present and create adventures with all the beautiful souls she meets on her path.
"Follow your Bliss" is her motto and to create Love is her mission!

Mei Leung

Mei’s quest for an alternative means to help her mother improve her health outside of a prescription led her to study Reiki and Sound therapy. After extensive training as a Reiki Master and Sound bowl practitioner, Mei became a firm believer in the combination of how Reiki + Soundwaves help promote a sense of calm and balance to the individual. Every personalized session with Mei is filled with the intention of “leaving lighter than when you entered” using hands-on/off Reiki and an assortment of Sound instruments to get you ready to tear down the blockages that create obstacles in your mind and spirit!

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