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Bushwick Astrology Club

Bushwick Astrology Club
led by Daniela Reul

Mercury retrograde! This little planet keeps getting more and more famous for its infamous retrogrades. But let's face it, some of our best stories are around this retrograde time and why wouldn't it be?

In astrology, Mercury rules our minds, communication, and the lungs. Feeling a cold? or your phone broke down? or talking to your partner is somehow harder than usual? this is because retrograde makes you take a step back to before going forward.

It is a time for reflection by throwing you a learning curve. Communication is a hard skill to master, most of us struggle with learning how to communicate our ideas, our feelings, or even how to identify from a realistic dream vs to non-realistic—a thing for sure for those with mercury in Pisces.

Getting to know about your Mercury in your chart can help immensely to understand your unique way of communicating with others, as well as how your unique mind works.

In this Bushwick Atrology Club class, we will go in depth about learning to share our ideas and to how we can use Mercury Retrograde in our favor!

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BIO of Facilitator
Daniela was born and raised In Mexico City. She began her studying Herbalism in Berkley, Ca in 2012. Since then her mainly focus has been the healing arts. Healing for her has become a philosophy of life; plants as her allies as well as teachers and understanding the metaphysical realm of energetics through bodywork. She has also a background in TCM, Mexican Folk Medicine, Nutrition, Astrology, Zero Balancing and Core Synchronism, nevertheless they all tied together through Alchemy. Her main intention is to empower the true self of a person, their own vital force is the water that gives life and brings health. Daniela specializes in removing the blockages that limit the vital force to fully bloom into what it can be. For further information visit

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