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High on Yoga "Boundless Being"

  • Daya Yoga Studio 360 Jefferson Street Brooklyn, NY, 11237 United States (map)

High on Yoga “Boundless Being”

led by Jes Allen

Welcome yourself to the great unpredictable, unknown adventure of your life. Our time this evening will be spent briefly discussing freedom through acceptance, moving into unexpected shapes, exploring the boundaries of our bodies and minds and boundlessness of our spirit.

:: Regular Class Exchange $18 ::


:: Bio of Facilitator ::

Jes Allen grew up dancing, writing, creating art in all forms and rolling around in the sand to the sea. None of that has changed. She believes that through the body, radical care and profound listening we develop the clarity to be graced by the divine. Devoted to the inner magnet she allows life to lead her curiously and openly maintaining an illuminated connection to her human spirit.

Her classes are conceived through intention, intuition and self inquiry; sequences laced with mudras and pranayama and space designed to explore and express, using the body as a tool to stimulate consciousness. 

To practice is to create, to touch the source, to experience yourself, to know your home and to keep it clean. To know your breath is to know god. To practice is to pray.