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High on Tibetan Dorje with Luke Maguire Armstrong

  • Daya Yoga Studio 360 Jefferson St Brooklyn, NY (map)

Tibetan Dorje Yoga Comes to America!

led by Luke Maguire Armstrong

Our time together will consist of an overview of the Tibetan buddhist cosmology, the physical practice of Dorje yoga, and close with a traditional Tibetan Meditation mantra.

What is Dorje Yoga?

Dorje Tibetan yoga is a complex system of yoga designed to be a complete body restorative system to “combat all disease” by balancing the body’s elements.

The Tibetan since the 11th century had access to a dearth of Indian yoga techniques and they refined these to serve the bodily needs of a lifelong meditator.

It’s designers had a knowledge of meridians, acupressure points of Chinese medicine as well as the Indian chakra system and yogic pranayama techniques. They combined these to create something complete and quick so that the ascetic could get back to a life dedicated to meditation.

100% of profits for this event will be donated to Integral Heart Family kids breaking out of generational poverty.

::$15 Suggested Donation::

BIO of Facilitator
Luke Maguire Armstrong ( is the author of the "The Nomad’s Nomad." He has lived in Thai and Tibetan buddhist monasteries, and has studied yoga and meditation in Thailand, Cambodia, Australia, India, Nepal, Mexico, Guatemala, and The USA. His focus is classical hatha yoga, Dorje Tibetan Yoga, and vipassana meditation. He continues ongoing studies with indigenous populations and combines cacao ceremonies with trainings in Mayan cosmology. Sometimes his joy is the cause of his smile, other times his smile causes his joy.