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Reiki Circle of Brothers

Reiki Circle of Brothers

led by Benjamin Lang

A collective healing experience within a space held for men and the virtues of masculine energy.

Join us in a Reiki Circle of Brothers as we acknowledge and energize the positive male archetypes under a canopy of universal life force energy.

In this workshop we’ll explore the challenges of embodying the masculine, and how they can be opportunities to grow and develop our spiritual expression. We will then put our thoughts into action around a circle of integrated energywork.

The circle will open with warm ups and introductions, and then move into individual biofield adjustments. Once each of us is feeling clear and balanced, we’ll widen the focus and enter into an active engagement of our collective vibration. Here we’ll we co-create a dynamic energetic field charged with Reiki and our will to heal. The circle will close with grounding the work in place and with sharing reflections and blessings as we continue onward in radiant peace.

As men, we have a unique capacity to direct force onto our reality. We are the ones who reach. And our polarity is what qualifies this action to be either in service to self or in service to others. In this circle, we seek to serve others; we hold space for our healing. In this circle, we are together - united as Brothers.

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:: BIO of Facilitator ::

Benjamin is a teacher, facilitator and energyworker inspired by the creative pulse of intelligent infinity. His immersive healing and educational experiences are grounded in engaging energywork as dynamic systems of immaterial science.

Benjamin embraced his spiritual identity as a young child. And when he learned Reiki in 2014, it was like meeting an old friend. He’s been actively practicing ever since. Lately, he’s developed a unique modality that integrates both the channeling and the structuring of universal life force energy.

When he’s not working, Benjamin is researching the intersection between physics, geometry and consciousness - and eating lots and lots of fruit.

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