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Reiki Immersion

  • Daya Yoga Studio 360 Jefferson Street Brooklyn, NY, 11237 United States (map)

Reiki Immersion

led by Aeron Ridgeaway

Every human being has an innate force within them that empowers their life. This energy is everpresent in our lives. Many of us aren't aware of its influence on our experiences, but even worse, some of us subconsciously inhibit this vital life force energy. Accepting and acknowledging this force allows us to direct it toward accomplishing whatever we desire. This energy goes by many names. You may know of it as Prana or Chi. I call it Reiki; translated from Japanese, this means “universal life-force energy.”

If you are interested in experiencing Reiki for yourself; using Reiki to relieve pain, stress, or anxiety; or using it to create joy, love, and peace in your life, then join me in this training; it is open to people at all levels of experience.

Once you complete the training you will have the ability to practice Reiki on yourself and others. This training will test the boundaries of conventional levels in Reiki and incorporate new ideas to support your practice in the modern world. Level I certification will be provided along with an introduction to level II concepts and techniques. 


Friday 7p-8pm

Saturday 2p-6pm

Sunday 2p-6pm

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::BIO of Facilitator::

Aeron has been a Reiki master for almost a decade. He is also a watercolor & performance artist. He works as a UX/UI Designer. What he loves most about teaching Reiki is seeing his students experience joy, amazement, relief, validation, intrigue & curiosity. He lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota with his wife, Sarah & dog, Reishi.

Q: Why were you originally drawn to Reiki?

A: As part of my spiritual practice I was studying images of the energy body and the chakras and realized that direct experience of my own energy body would be the most empowering form of knowledge. When I was introduced to Reiki I knew that it would help me do that. Around the same time, my Reiki master called me a natural transmuter and encouraged me to delve into the practice.

Q: How do you think your style of practice is distinct from other styles of Reiki?

A: The convention in Reiki is that it is a skill to learn rather than a sense to tune into. I see Reiki awareness as the natural state. Learning Reiki is healing. Learning Reiki is getting back to parity with yourself; it isn’t leveling up.

Q: How did Reiki help you find personal healing?

A: It helped me realize that health is a holistic state as well as the importance of identifying un-holistic beliefs and practices that cause pain, distress & dis-ease. Practicing Reiki makes me feel good and, like life, it is neverending. I don’t pretend to be perfect and I still make mistakes but this expanded awareness helps me to make more informed choices in my life overall.