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Intuitive Sequencing For Teachers

Through the practice of yoga asana we bow to the wisdom of the body. Our practice guides us out of the mind and into the heart. As teachers it is easy to get heady about our classes. We want to have an impactful offering and demonstrate our knowledge through peak poses, alignment and structures. Its important to remember we have it all inside and the intelligence of the body always guides the way. Lets drop back into feeling.

Join Jes Allen for an immersion all about letting the practice happen through deep listening. All of her classes are conceived through this trust of movement. Anyone can teach a pose, the ones who offer their heart, offer healing.

Immersion will cover:
Basic structural outline to create within
Threading Shapes
Intuitive techniques
Movement practice
Discussion and Q&A


::Exchange ::
Day of $100
Early Bird $90 ( after July 13)
Super Early Bird $80 (before July 13)

Jes Allen grew up dancing, writing, creating art in all forms and rolling around in the sand to the sea. None of that has changed. She believes that through the body, radical care and profound listening we develop the clarity to be graced by the divine. Devoted to the inner magnet she allows life to lead her curiously and openly maintaining an illuminated connection to her human spirit.