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Back to Basics Workshop

Led by Sarah Shohfi

This 2 hour workshop will break down Surya Namaskar A and Surya Namaskar B. A pivotal sequence in yoga that is a prayer in motion. Together we begin each class with sun salutations to warm up the body, but also to offer a prayer to Lord Surya, the god of health.

In this workshop we will slow down the surya's, and break them up into pieces, learning how to flow through the sequence with a heightened sense of awareness of our bodies and its motions. We will focus on setting intentions, proper alignment, and safe transitions from each asana into the next.

We will stress the importance of safety, making sure our practice is not only there to get us moving in a physically active way but also to make sure that we are not harming or damaging ourselves in our practice. We will become aware of where we compensate, and work to activate those underdeveloped areas.

The workshop will end with 20 minutes of pranayama to open the lungs and help achieve equilibrium in the body and mind. Ending with a sweet shavasana where Sarah will offer adjustments for ultimate relaxation.

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:: Bio Of Facilitator ::

Sarah has been practicing yoga for about a decade. This spring she received her 200 hr Vinyasa Certification at Daya Yoga Studio. Sarah's practice is alignment focused. Sarah believes yoga is capable of healing our bodies as well as our minds. While she practiced yoga for many years, she began to fully understand the benefits when she was injured and experiencing intense lower back pain at the age of 21. From there, Sarah began to study the body and use yoga as a tool to heal and release pain hiding out in small areas all over her body. Sarah's practice is alignment focused, incorporating Hatha and Kundalini and TCM, to achieve a balanced wellness in the body.

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