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Cacao Immersive : Resonant Reflections with Erika Laila

We will be tuning into the Art of Observing Presence.
Through attaining lucid awakened states of consciousness, we will practice Listening and Seeing various dimensions of existence with the eyes of a child (innocence/purity).

Full ceremonial serving of ceremonial cacao will be served in ritual format.

Please bring Water, your journal and your favorite pen.

Modes of Connection to include :

Guided meditation/Sound Entrainment
Movement with Wind/Air Elements and Animals

Will include Energetic Cleansing and Alignment

::Exchange:: $44


Erika Laila is an artist, dancer, creator, mother, light worker and reader of universal signs who ‘holds space for others to birth universes’. Over 30 years of practice and study consists of Tarot, Healing Arts, Aromatherapy, Green Medicine, Holistic Health Therapies, Dream analysis and interpretation, Quantum Shamanism, Paganism, Deities, Animal totems and Symbolism, Mythology, sacred belief sequencing, spirituality, Ritual, Resonance, Elemental Coherence, Cleromancy, Clairvoyance (seeing), Clairsentience (feeling), Clairaudience (hearing), Claircognizance (knowing), ongoing study of celestial rhythms, galactic patterns, energies/vibrations/frequencies, channeled movement meditation and guided journeying. She has worked with and among healers and practitioners at The New York Open Center, Tricycle The Buddhist Review, Holistic Health Practice (Chgo). She studied Green Medicine with Peeka Trenkle, Tarot with Rachel Pollack, Vicki Noble, and Mary Greer; Authentic Movement with Gena Demos, Akashic Records Consulting with Santiago Rafael Pascual (LAFAM), while celebrating facets of Truth, Beauty and Love through Vibratory Stacking, Soul Resonance and Core Star (Divine Self) Awareness on a daily basis.

Earlier Event: August 17
CBD Sound Dreams