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Balancing on Your Hands and Beyond

Arm balances and inversions can be a moment in class where your heart jumps, or your heart drops. If you've ever taken a class and asked yourself "Where do I go from here?", you're not alone. Whether you are working on getting your feet off the floor in crow or trying to float your feet off the ground into a handstand, there will be something for everyone.
In this 2 1/2 hour workshop we will explore the nuances of these postures from a technical and anatomical perspective to see how the whole body can work together to begin to make these sometimes daunting but ultimately empowering postures a part of your practice. Bring with a your curiosity, determination and a sense of humor to learn how to defy gravity, with a greater sense of ease and stability. All levels welcome!

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A one-time competitive triathlete, Daniel came to yoga to find some balance in a triathlete's demanding training schedule -- and that yoga practice soon became his life's work.

Since taking his first yoga class, he has since continued to seek out the many paths that yoga and other movement disciplines have to offer. Through rigorous practice and extensive training, Daniel brings to each session a will to explore the potential of mind, body and spirit, with a passion to help others find their own purpose and peace in active, mindful movement. Daniel's classes are well rounded and vigorous, with an emphasis on alignment, curiosity and fun.

Daniel is grateful for all the inspirational teachers he has had the opportunity to learn from, but draws the biggest inspiration from his teachers Jason Crandell, Nikki Carter, and Jared McCann.

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