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Cacao, Reiki, & SoundDreams

Cacao, Reiki, & SoundDreams

with Shunny Willamovius & Lavender Malin

Join us for an intention setting Cacao Ceremony, Meditation, Reiki Healing, and Soundbath.

We will offer energetic chakra & trauma healing to assist us in becoming fully present, letting go of tension and clearing away the obstacles on our odysseys of creative expression and self-empowerment.

A spirit opening gong bath & sound journey using various overtone instruments, gongs, tuning forks, crystal singing bowls, will raise us into an altered state to alleviate stress, release blockages, restore the flow of our Qi, manifest our desires, communicate with Spirit and bring us home to our higher selves. Lavender will continue to give Reiki during the sound bath.

We will explore and dance with our creativity, our motivation, our capability. We will invoke our inner fire. We will deepen our connection with intuition, with the five elements and with Spirit. We will rise above our limitations and reset onto the path of our divine purpose.


$30 early bird | $35 day of


Wear comfortable clothes (yoga mats and blankets will be provided) and bring an eye-mask or shawl if you like.

Highly encouraged to bring items you'd like to charge during the Sound Bath and a Journal is never a bad idea.
Please arrive 10 mins early.

It is recommended you abstain from caffeine at least 4 hours prior, and ideally, eat your last meal up to 2 hours beforehand


Cacao is a magical plant. Long before it was ever made into chocolate, the cacao bean has been drunk by many indigenous communities in ceremony, for elevating into the spirit realm, and for mental and physical healing. Raw, unprocessed cacao, when it is received straight from the source and has been authentically grown, contains an alkaloid called Theobromine, which acts as a natural serotonin booster in the brain, gets our blood flow moving, opens up the channels of our heart, and helps us engage with a higher vibration. It truly is the nectar of the gods.

Reiki is the pure, loving, therapeutic light energy of the universe, which a practitioner channels to another individual with hands-on touch. The energy is warming, calming and knows to direct itself toward mental or physical areas where you are particularly in need of healing. It clears away mental fog and gives us the tools to cut through any blockages preventing us from fully becoming the true light beings that we are.

Sound baths can calm the nervous system, increase extrasensory perception, and bring one to an elevated state of consciousness. Sound baths work on the physical and subtle bodies to help heal depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and insomnia, and to deepen meditation and spark creativity. Other possibilities of your experience may include: ** spontaneous states of bliss ** seeing beautiful colors and/or otherworldly symbols and visions ** womb recreation ** a sense of peace and serenity ** a possible arising of trauma or karma so it can be worked with and dissolved, & ** an overall feeling of connectedness and love. Your entire energy field will vibrate, be shaken up and reset.

Shunny Willamovius is a big Quantum Physics Enthusiast. She finally received her life-changing "proof" of those studies and the things she believed in, by attending a Reiki Session in 2013. Two months later she was at her first attunement ceremony to become a Reiki practitioner, knowing she finally found her calling. Delving into the field she is now a NY-based Reiki Master, Sound, and Energy Healer a.k.a. Space Neutralizer, Kundalini Goddess, Happiness Coach, and conscious living-space Creator. She loves nothing more than to follow her Happiness Breadcrumb Trail, see what life has to offer in the present and create adventures with all the beautiful souls she meets on her path. "Follow your Bliss" is her motto and to create Love is her mission!

Lavender Malin is a certified level II Reiki practitioner, herbalist, intuitive healer, cacao ceremonialist, guided meditation facilitator, womxn's circle leader, singer-songwriter, poet, kava fairy, potions master, mental health advocate and nomadic student of the world. Founder of Nightlight Wellness, she uses the beautiful medicines of Reiki, cacao, herbs, meditation, music, spoken word, and the powerful energy of community to clear away blockages and bring souls closer to their inner light. Her mission is to awaken and empower the healer within each human, so we may all heal the world.

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