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Basic Sound Healing Workshop

  • Daya Yoga Studio 360 Jefferson Street Brooklyn, NY, 11237 United States (map)

Basic Sound Healing Workshop

With Andrea Baquero

No previous knowledge of Sound healing is required to attend this workshop

Sound has been used throughout human history and across cultures as part of healing, spiritual, ritual and religious practices. While the world of sound healing is multifaceted and very broad, I believe that everybody can have some awareness and understanding of it. Anyone can receive extraordinary benefits from delving into this form of healing, and learning to use sound and vibration for stress and pain reduction, relaxation, sleep, meditation, and much more.

During our two day workshop we will explore the theoretical and practical aspects of sound healing. We will delve into the fundamentals of sound, intention, perception, music theory, and the science behind these concepts. Attendees will also learn practical exercises to use sound healing on themselves and others, through the sound of their own voice, Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls and percussion instruments (gong, drums, shakers) and a guide to continue exploring other instruments and resources.


1. Myth V.S Fact. Developing a critical ear and critical thinking

There are mass-marketed speakers, articles in the New York Times, segments on national TV shows, podcasts and radio shows imparting knowledge about the power of sound to heal and transform. It is important for audiences exposed to this information, as well as for wellness practitioners to be able to discern what’s valid about sound from what isn’t (science v.s perception and emotion).

Practical Exercise: Soundbath critical listening and exploration of the “magic frequency” and “chakra equivalence” myths.

2. Vibration medicine and science

Where mystics and physicists agree: Frequency, and the phenomena of resonance and entrainment. Basic music theory concepts, the importance of silence and how sound affects the human brain and body.

Differences and similarities between vibration medicine and traditional western medicine.

Case study examples of medical conditions that benefit or worsen with sound and vibration.

Safe and unsafe, ethical and unethical practice.

How sound can be used to heal and transform.

Practical listening meditation. 3D listening exercise.

3. Intention

The importance of our thoughts, beliefs, feelings and purpose and the relevance of individuality and perception. The spiritual approach behind sound healing and an overview of its different sub-areas

Tibetan tradition

Australian tradition

South American tradition

North American tradition

European tradition

Catholic, Hindi, Buddhist, Islamic, pagan and non-conventional traditions

Practical exercise: The power of words and intention experiment

Mantra singing, Tibetan syllable singing and Jonathan Goldman’s Chakra singing exercise.

4. Main Practical applications of sound healing today: a broad overview

Mantras, toning, music therapy, resonant-frequency therapy, sonic-entrainment technology, aural-enhancement technology, voice-analysis therapy, vibroacoustic therapy, tuning-fork therapy, sonopuncture, natural acoustic instruments, CDs and recordings.

5. Applied musical elements that serve a soundhealing session

Harmony, frequency, resonance, consonance, dissonance and silence.

-Instruments and their function in soundhealing: Tibetan singing bowls, Crystal Singing Bowls, Harmonium, Drums and Shakers, “Sound Effects”, The Human Voice, String instruments, Wind Instruments, Percussion Instruments (Bells).

6. Basic overview on how-to play certain instruments in a sound healing session

Practical approach to playing instruments and singing

7. Self-care and preparation

The power of mediation, prayer and continuous curiosity and exploration.


Andrea Baquero is a professional musician and music instructor. She is the founder of AB Music, has taught music for over 20 years, is a Steinway & Sons Educational Partner, vibroacoustic therapist and sound healer. Andrea has performed as a pianist and singer around the world and is a member of the vibroacoustic therapy association of London and American Guild of Music.

I believe that sound and vibration are essential to human development because both are a direct path to discovering ourselves and connecting with others. If we practice listening to all the noises in the

world, inside and outside of us, we will eventually allow ourselves to focus on all the noises of our mind, and learn to discern all sounds. We will be able to tune into a world of vibration and to choose selectively that which is nurturing.

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