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CBD SoundDreams at Daya

  • Daya Yoga Studio 360 Jefferson Street Brooklyn, NY 11237 (map)

Being a powerful stress reducer, CBD also lessens pain, inflammation, anxiety and depression. It is said to have antipsychotic effects and is a potent antioxidant.

In this SoundDreams Workshop, the effects of the CBD will be supported and amplified. The Sound Bath itself is designed to help you access parts of the mind, which are usually closed; resulting in an expanded sense of awareness and higher consciousness.

Frequencies of powerful Gongs, Tuning Forks, Crystal Singing Bowls and other over-tone instruments induce altered states to release blockages and restore the flow of your Qi.
Your entire energy field will vibrate, be shaken up and reset.
Side effects of SoundDreams may be:
- spontaneous states of Bliss
- seeing of beautiful colors and/or other worldly symbols and visions
- OoB Experiences and/or WombRecreation
- a sense of Peace and Serenity
- a possible arising of Trauma or Karma so it can be worked with and dissolved
- an overall feeling of Connectedness and Love!

Wear comfortable clothes (yoga mats and blankets will be provided) and bring an eye-mask or shawl if you like.
Please arrive 10 mins early.


Early Bird- $30 Day of- $35