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Winter Retreat

January 23-30th 2020
Lake Atitlán, San Marcos, Guatemala

Join teachers Anna Lesniak and Liza Leonard for 7 days of a Cultural Experience through the prism of Yoga, Dance and Silence.

Lake Atitlán is an endothermic lake, feeding into two nearby rivers rather than draining into the ocean. It is shaped by deep surrounding escarpments and three volcanoes on its southern flank. The lake basin is volcanic in origin, filling an enormous caldera formed by an eruption 84,000 years ago. The culture of the towns and villages surrounding Lake Atitlán is influenced by the Maya people. For many years the Lake have been hosting people from all over the world, where now many finds home and a place where mane spiritual communities have landed. Vortex of energy, healing, humans connecting, spirits teaching.



Studio 1A - Surya

Classes, Workshops & Trainings.

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Studio 1B - Chandra

Yoga, Reiki, Rituals & Events



Teacher Training

200 Hour Teacher Training Certification Program Yoga Alliance Registered School of Yoga

Study with teachers, Anna Lesniak, Daniel Mullany, Jes Allen & more…. Heal and grow as you learn.  It will be a life changing experience !!!!


Travel with Daya

Bring your yoga experience closer to the nature and the energy of the earth. Thought our retreats you will connect with other yogis and travel to some of the most unique places of energy.