November 8th - December 8
Daya Yoga Studio in Bushwick

The purpose of this training is to offer and guide your understanding of basic principles in anatomy, energetics, breathing, sequencing and language.These skills will be applied using the Yin Yoga method through lecture, practice, self study, and asana laboratories. As a result your engagement with the subtle body will deepen and a new and more refined relationship to your practice and teaching will unfold.


What’s Involved:
4 days of class time.
Home work.
Practice teaching & support

In this advanced and comprehensive course, you will learn:
The foundational Yin Yoga postures for organ health & variations
An introduction to the 5 elements of Chinese Medicine
The concepts and application of Yin Yoga & The relationship to the nervous system
How to teach simple and informative anatomical and energetic principles
The anatomy & technique of proper breathing
Proper utilization of props and how to teach your students to use them
10 of the most useful pose adjustments
How to create a sequence & a theme
The art of holding space while teaching
How to troubleshoot the effects of people’s expectations.

Recommended Reading:
Insight Yoga by Sarah Powers; An innovative synthesis of traditional yoga, meditation, & Eastern approaches to Healing & Well-being.Gil Fronsdal - The Issue at Hand

2 weekend training: November 8-10 & December 6-8

:: Exchange $600 ::