Class Descriptions


Beginners Yoga

For new yogis looking to learn the basics and seasoned practitioners seeking a refresher. Practice the foundation of all poses, linking movement with breath, and discovering proper alignment to receive the full benefits of a yoga practice. Open to all levels.

Cacao Ceremony & Ka Dance

Erika Brown (Truth Seeker Divination) navigates KA Dance as an introductory level, authentic Meditational Movements, repetitive thoughts, ideas and promptings from our inner-self (Core Awareness) as indicators of the next steps we are guided to apply as well as offering solutions in the form of sequence, form, and feeling. New spiritual activations and extra-sensory experiences are changing the way we can view ourselves and the world around us. By allowing our organic gifts to flourish through dream, study, prayer, meditation and ritual dance.

A few things for preparation:
-Light meal up to two hours before.
-Avoid Coffee in the morning until after the ritual
-Comfortable clothing
-Bring a journal and pen if you'd like to stay for the extra time of journaling (this is optional).
-Open Heart Open Mind

($18 for new students / $10 for Daya Members)

Join us for a practice in the celebration of the love medicine: Cacao. It is chocolate, in it's purest form.

Through a ceremonial yoga experience combining ancient traditions in a contemporary way. Creating a safe container to share the multidimensional layers of our being in a collective adventure.

Once our hearts are wide open, movement and breath are introduced through a Vinyasa flow. Finding the comfort in the expansion of the soul manifested through the body. The experience is finished with shavasana in a journey of Sound. Open to all levels.

Cacao Flow

Candlelit Lunar Flow with Live Music

This dimly lit class is the perfect way to decompress from a typical New York day. A sweet, smooth flow accompanied by live music, a transcendent experience. Open to all levels.

Chakra Flow

Chakra Flow is a container for knowing and loving yourself, your innate and beautiful powers and impulses, and your connection to all that is in the fullest way possible. Each class focuses on a different chakra, which we explore through traditional yogic asanas and breathwork, guided meditation and somatic movement exercises, following what feels the best in our individual bodies. In honoring the pleasure principle and all of the wisdom therein we offer ourselves and each other deep, holistic nourishment through which we are able to expand our capacities to let go, become stronger and fuller, and more empathetic to all creatures, life forces, and the world in which we live. Open to all levels.

Community Class ($5)

The idea of selfless service (Seva) is an important concept in Yoga. Because everything is perceived as One, serving other people is considered an essential practice of indirectly serving your Divine Self. This class is a great way to support graduates of the Daya Teacher Training as they explore and hone their craft, while you get to practice at a reduced rate. Instructors will rotate weekly, so check the schedule to meet our Graduates! Open to all levels.

Daya Dance is a space to greet your body and explore its pathways. Through awareness exercises, guided movement, contact improvisation, and elements of yoga, students will be encouraged to experiment and ultimately find joy in their groove! Open to all levels.

Daya Dance

Dynamic Flow

To move dynamically is to evoke the force that stimulates change. To use movement as a form of self expression and self exploration is to remain curious to the ever evolving life force within the body and therefore the ever evolving you. Dynamic Flow is a Vinyasa-style class that moves gracefully through poses, balancing out, opening up and turning upside down with a heavy focus on awareness and fluidity. This is an intermediate class, prior yoga experience required. 

Come tune in, connect to your body and breath, and return to a sense of stillness.

Our quiet studio space is free for you to practice Meditation. Come and go as you please.

Free Meditation

Get Up + Flow

Get Up and Flow is fresh and invigorating, the perfect way to begin your day.

Get Up and Flow begins gently, easing you into the active portion of your practice, and then invigorates you as you head out into your day. This class will replace your morning cup of coffee with a practice that is awakening without the jitters and sets your body and mind up for success, regardless of what your day may hold.



The Hatha style of yoga asks us to deeply explore one pose at a time, holding each for several breaths. We invite students to consider the alignment, meditative and energetic nature of each pose offered. Physical and mental stamina are cultivated here. Open to all levels.

High on Yoga

Friday Night Special Flow

Join us every Friday Night for a special flowy class with a rotating teacher and theme. Each week will be unique and relevant to universal happenings! Check out our instagram to see who is teaching this week!

Kripalu Flow

Inspired by a traditional Kripalu approach. We begin with meditation and breath, followed by an energizing physical practice. The asana style blends Vinyasa and Hatha, combining flowing transitions with longer-held poses. A class that gracefully balances the physical and mental aspects of the practice. Open to all levels.

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation

Kundalini Yoga is a science of the mind and body, to elevate the spirit, which has no boundaries, no discrimination. Therefore it is for everyone, universal and nondenominational.
Kundalini is also known as the Yoga of Awareness; its focus is on self-awareness and delivering an experience of your highest consciousness. 

Class consists of Asana (movement), Mantra & Chanting (sound current), Pranayam (breathwork), and meditation to relax and heal your mind and body. Open to all levels.

*If this is your first time practicing Kundalini Yoga, please mention it to the instructor.

Lunar Vinyasa

In its most basic form, the Vinyasa style of yoga is the marriage of breath and movement. Each breath brings a new pose or transition between poses, allowing the body to feel both light and powerful as the movement itself becomes a meditation. This Vinyasa class veers toward the gentle side to help you let go of your daily stress and prepare for a good night’s sleep. Open to all levels.

MELT: Restorative Flow

Gentle Vinyasa. Melt in great depth. Flow into restorative, meditation and nidra.

Power Hour (intermediate)

Prior Yoga experience required. Breath, meditation, movement, all you need packed into one sweet hour. A strong Vinyasa-style class designed to get you moving and make you sweat.

Power Yoga (advanced)

Prior Yoga experience required. This class is perfect for those looking to deepen their practice and bring it to the next level. You will build confidence by practicing inversions and handstands against the wall. A constant flow with synchronizing breath and movement, this class builds heat and is sure to make you sweat.

This is a space for queer, trans, and non-binary identifying people to practice moving, breathing, and caring for ourselves-- together. We seek to build community and space as we move through a slow to moderately paced class. Anything that affirms and supports gender is welcome (i.e. binders, chest pieces, packers.) Pay what you can and come as you are.

Queer & Trans Yoga

Restorative Flow


Unwind with this sweet, slow, mindful practice. Opening with a gentle flow, the class is slower-moving with a strong emphasis on deep breathing and drawing in the vital life force. Return to your center, “fill your cup" and sit with yourself in unconditional love. The second portion offers a bliss-conjuring restorative sequence that will invoke juicy deep relaxation and insight into higher levels of spiritual awareness. Open to all levels.

Somatic study is the study of the body, more specifically of your unique body and how it relates to your energetic and psychological experience. Expect to move, sweat, breathe and rest. Untethered to any one practice, we will weave through different yoga styles (Vinyasa, hatha, restorative, yin, kundalini, pranayama) as well as other movement practices (ie Qi Cong, Alexander Method), pressure point massage, essential oils and Body mapping . You will leave with tools for self-care and intuitive physical therapy. The class is open to all levels and abilities.

Somatic Study (Yoga)

Strength & Flexibility Yoga

In strength and flexibility flow, students will explore and increase their range of motion and strength through elements of Vinyasa, Hatha and other movement styles. This class is open to all levels and is challenging yet approachable.

Tea Ceremony & Meditation

We meditate and drink tea, learn about tea, learn about meditation, drink tea, talk about tea, talk about meditation.
Tea is much deeper than Lipton lets on! It is an ancient tradition whose riches are just beginning to bubble to the surface in the west. It is said that “tea brings nature to society” and that it offers us a powerful way to connect with ourselves and with each other. Chinese and Japanese tea mystics have cultivated tea based methods of healing and sustenance for thousands of years. We seek to engage with this wisdom through tea leaves, literature and meditation to let our thoughts settle, clarify our intentions, and retain a receptive heart. We drink all types of teas ranging from young, spritely green teas to aged fermented pu-erh tea harvested from trees that are hundreds of years old! Each week will have its own theme experienced through ceremonial forms such as gongfu, Japanese tea ceremony, and bowl tea.


This class offers a dynamic flowy sequence to energize and awaken the mind and body. Emphasizing pranayama (breath work), marrying physical asana (pose) with the breath, focusing on alignment, and self compassion. Open to all levels.

Prior yoga experience required. Marrying breath with movement, this practice will introduce more advanced Asana & dynamic sequences. Come bring your Vinyasa practice to a new level!

Vinyasa II

Women's Rejuvenation Circle

Women's Rejuvenation Workshop is a co-created experience of women supporting women in reclaiming our bodies, beings, and sexualities as our own. We draw power from the archetype of the triple goddess: the Maiden, Mother, and and ever-wise Crone that lies within each of us, and in gathering together, we are able to tap into our deep reserves of wisdom, and healing potential. We believe that the healing and empowerment of women is vital for the healing and empowerment of the world. Through our structure of forming a sacred circle, guided meditation, emotional check-in, ritual, and honoring our bodies' sacred sensuality, we create a healthier, juicier means of being, healing the earth and inviting a more kind and conscious society, one empowered woman at a time.

Yin - Yang - Nidra

Duality comes together in unity. We start with a series of long-held passive poses to stretch sore muscles and open joints. Once our bodies and minds are open, we begin to explore more active movement, squeezing the muscles around the bones to pull the body back together and reintroduce heat. Poses requiring a greater range of motion become accessible. We end with a 30-40min Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) meditation, which serves as restoration for the body and can also be used as a precursor to lucid dreaming and astral projection. How deep do you want to go?

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is known as the yoga of joints and bones. A slow paced class, especially perfect for sore bodies, runners, athletes, and those who crave a deep, relaxing practice. Prepare to go in and discover parts of the mind and body you didn't know existed. Open to all levels.

Yoga & Sound Healing

Full body flow combining movement and breath followed by a long restorative meditation guided by healing vibration of sound.

Good to Know

  • Arrive 10 min before the class

  • Don't eat two hours before the class

  • Inform the teacher about any injuries, pregnancy or bodily discomfort

  • Drink enough water before the class

  • Don't try to do everything, especially if you are a beginner

  • Be honest with yourself

  • Be safe and mindful during your practice